Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire you?

Because when the vibe is right, magic happens. My style is minimalism with a touch of pastels. While I hope that you like my style, I hope that you like our connection more.

Over the last couple of years I have truly invested into how to best show up for you. Whether that is different ways of shooting to how to better our relationship as vendor and client. Which, I will say, by the end of this, I'm hoping we become friend and friend, lol. I am the person whom you will spend the most time with and we definiltey want to be on the same page and feeling good.

Lastly, I'm a person that goes miles for my clients. I beleve in people > profit. I'm here to advise you on what will look best for you, being a fly on the wall when necessary, but tell you when to fix your hair, spit your gum out, or take out those hair ties. I am pickkayyy, all for you though ;)

How do I book you?

So after you have sent me an e-mail and we have gone over things, simply sign the contract and pay the non-refundable retainer and I am all yours!


Do you travel?

Yes I do. Over the years I have had the opportunity to shoot weddings in Portland, Miami, Punta de Mita (Mexico), Holland, Arizona and some other super cool places. I'd love to make this work for the both of us, travel fees are $800 flat in the United States.

Can I get the RAW files?

You can't...I want to have a fancy and elaborate answer for ya but simply no. I spend hours on hours fine tuning the right tones and lighting for your images, if you want a photographer that is there to click the shutter and give you the memory card, I am not your girl. I mean this with love.

How many photos do I get?

For weddings, usually between 400-1000 - sometimes more or less. Keep in mind that this is based on coverage. Sometimes I give more, it all depends.

How long until I get my pictures?

Weddings are 8-10 weeks. Family portraits and engagements 3 weeks.

What should I look for when hiring a photographer?

I mean, work of course. Find someone that actually has experience shooting weddings from start to finish and someone that thinks about all the fine details. Like eating food after the ceremony and before pictures. Stuff like that yknow? (check link here.)

Also, what is equally important is to find a photographer whom you can connect with on a personal level. Someone whom you can open up your life to and someone whom you can communicate what you want and it feels easy. It's never fun to hire someone who is good at their craft but is a total control freak or a brat. and vice versa ;)

That being said, ask all the hard questions and have intention for your wedding day. Don't let all that time planning and money spent all go to waste. Do YO RESEARCH.

Mahan Atma Kaur & Narinder Singh-CAM_8078-2.jpg

Should I get prints?

OMG. I actually didn't care that much about prints myself, until I realized that no one ever comments on your online gallery of photos. Maybe they saw them on FB but it's a whole different dynamic when you see the images one by one with no distractions on your coffe table.

That ish will be therapy for you, I HIGHLY HIGHLY suggest investing in an album - the ones that last a lifetime.