Mike and Angelica - Phuket, Thailand

um k.

just wow.


I sound overly dramatic but I thank both of these bebes for letting me photograph this dream wedding. Shout out to their wedding planner Kiesbye @dreamweddingphuket she nailed on every detail and she was also way cool. Super chill, made everyone feel so comfortable and Angelica for sure had her dream wedding down to every detail.

Simple and fresh. Also, Mike, you have so much heart - I teared up as I was going through you guys’ first look.

I am so touched by the power in the both of you and the charisma you both have. You both know how to celebrate and those champaign shots were everything we all imagined.

We all walked away from this day not just witnessing another wedding but an entire experience being all the way in FREAKING THAILAND. It was UNFORGETTABLE.

Alright enough talking now!!! Here you guys go.

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