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I’m writing this because I felt verrryyy inclined to be that girlfriend that’s not only your photographer but also your friend that’s gonna tell you to spit out your gum during photos or to fix your hair before we take a pic.

This will be the wedding day version of this ;)

I have done this enough times so I wanna set you up for success and for a day where you can be present. You don’t wanna be thinking about all the extra’s, especially when you have spent so much time and money planning for this day.

Let’s make it right and do the best that we can to be fully in the moment.

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Now, here’s the juice.

1| Make a snack bag for the day

Make a little lunchy to go bag for you guys for in between the ceremony and dinner. TRUST ME.

Dinner is not ‘til later and I don’t want you to be hungray for while we are taking photos. Cause then you’ll want to rush the photos after the ceremony and it’ll get in the way of our shooting. I myself am pretty bad at being present when all I can think of is devouring a cheeseburger. Lol.

So, do yourself a favor and get you guys some food.

A protein bar, apple, banana, maybe even a sandwich too. Again, set yourself up.

2| Don’t have a line!!!

This goes to my LDS couples.

You guys…I know you want to say hi to the whole ward. I know you guys care and genuinely want to give others that hug and thank you. However, it is YOUR wedding day. You only get married once and I can’t tell you how many times a couple has spent the majority of the reception standing there…tired, thirsty, and hungry just there saying hi to people you probably see every once in a while.

This then leads to you guys having to rush through your dances, losing precious daylight, using up my time (not that I mind but I wanna capture you guys doing your thing!) and all your other vendors’ time..ah. Just don’t do it.

Or!!! if you do have a line, make it quick and designate a person whose sole job is to stop the line. You don’t want to awkwardly have to stop saying hi to people to go on with the day. Leave that awkward part to a family member or a friend. ;)

That being said…

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3| Have an event coordinator!

For real. or a family member, somebody that is running the show and directing the event and announcing when things are gonna happen. Don’t leave it up to me - the photographer - or the DJ to let people know what will happen. I totally understand that the night will flow how it’s supposed to but having structure definitely helps. 

Again, assign that role to somebody, take that weight off your shoulders and give someone else the responsibility of how you want the day to roll out.

4| Have good reception lighting

Girl…believe me I didn’t think of this that much until I realized that flash photos are “ookaaay.”

Have good lighting that gives you that work that you hired me to do.

String lights are good, something nice, bright and dreamy will do.
If you want my work, meet me half way and set it up so you’re not in the dark - especially for outdoor weddings - you’ll most definitely need that good lighting.


5| Music…

Pick music that is authentic to you and your person.
* sigh *
Do you guys know how often I have heard the song Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran…?

Like, I know for a fact that you and your partner are way more unique than that and have songs that are more “you.” 

Make a list on your phone and choose music that is tailored to you guys’ memories and then of course communicate to your DJ.

6| Have an unplugged ceremony

Unplugged meaning, tell everyone to get rid of their phones. I am already there to do the job of taking photos for you, tell your family member to turn that flash off or to put their phone away.

I know you have an aunt that is also trying to be a photographer and is taking free photos of your stuff but have her put it away for the ceremony.

Have them be present. You already hired someone for the photos, let that person be in the moment.

7 | Important people in your life

Your grandpa? Your best friend? Your family member that means so much to you but you rarely see? Maybe your brother that is really shy and hates pictures?

Shoot me an e-mail with pictures of people who are important to you. I want to see their face and want to know who they are so I can keep an eye out for them.

8 | Last but not least..Ask for what you want out of that day

This wedding is about YOU. Play music that YOU like. Not what is generic to “parties.”

Play your music, be you.

Do you guys listen to classical music when you’re chillin’? If you do, great! Play it at your reception. But if you don’t…scratch it out of your plans!! This wedding is about you bebbe!! Not about a certain “style.”

Scratch out anything that you are doing because that’s how weddings are. Do things that you care about and throw out the rest.

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Alrighty, now that we just went through a journey with all my lecturing, I want the best for you and for us to have amazing content. By having guidelines and things to think about we will set ourselves up for success.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I’m excited for you.

It’s gonna be GOOD!! ;)