Book me

Yaooo, I am seriously grateful that you’re considering booking me. 

First and foremost, let a girl know what drew you to me and why you think we’d be a good fit. Don’t be shy about telling me about yourself, your boo or your life. Because as your photographer, we will definitely be getting nice and comfy with each other. (In like a non-creepy way hahaha)

I live for connection and going *there* so this is definitely the time to give me the full spiel. I know this is about photos but in reality we will get the best work when we both know why we are here. 

We can also skip the awkwardness of our weird selves in front of a camera because I’m the first to admit, I am hella awkward in front of the camera. Which means, I don’t expect you to have your sh*t together.

The more I know about you > the more comfortable we get > therefore; cool photos 🤘🏼


Anyways, shoot me an e-mail and fill me in on anything else I should know. 

oh and p.s. if I am outside of your budget, STILL REACH OUT.
give me the deets and fill me in on what you have going on.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Weddings start at $2300

Engagement sessions $400