This last week has been a wreck. My mind got side tracked and got behind on EVERYTHING. 
It's okay though, it happens. Here are a few items from this week.  winter is so beautiful, although it's cold one learns to just embrace the beauty in all seasons.
The one thing I keep learning is that being connected with your core will save you from everything. Even your negative self. Learn to love others and learn to be in peace with yourself. 



winter is heaaaa

The original plan was for us to shoot some photos in the pretty scenery we have, now that winter is here. Due to some unfortunate events, such as me locking the keys inside Mel's car (oops), she had to run early and it occupied our time in getting someone to open her car! 

Anyway, here are some photoz from our day.   these are me friends  @melaniepearl @christianalexis and @domdomk