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Free People Moab Unplugged!

Where to begin with this post. When was the last time you shut your phone off, computer, no e-mails, no calls, no texts. Just right now. 

Well this was the theme Free People had for the overnight retreat in  Moab Undercanvas ! We completely shut off all of our phones and a group of strangers came together for one night in Moab. To say the least, it was the most relieving thing to do, to feel balanced and not have any pressure from who is texting you or not texting you. 

Besides that, I was trying to get over the fact that I was shooting for one of my favorite brands. 

Here are a collection of images that start from a scenic ride over the canyon lands and ended with the most beautiful dinner anybody can dream of. Outdoors in the warm sun with people who are right at your level. 

Day 1

Lolz ^ The pilot was super nice and even let me control the plane for a second. Hilarious to say the least, I was co-pilot since I was the photographer and it will forever be in my memory the face of the girls once we'd drop. Roller coaster.  

This by far was one of the most awesome experiences to shoot for one of my favorite brands. So thankful to be part of a project that included many talented people. Click here for the original Free People blog post!