These last couple of weeks have been a little wild. I've been out of town so much that I can't recall the last time I slept in my own bed. 

This trip to california in a nutshell was refreshing. Kel, Dom, and I had always talked about coming out just for fun and it was cool to see that happen. 

We met some amazing people who really balanced us out. The beauty about going to different environments is having connections with other people and realizing that the things that really matter in life are not tangible. It's a good reminder that the things our parents taught us when we were younger, actually make so much sense as we experience life. 

The last night of our trip before coming home was probably my favorite. Kel and I went to Minimal Effort in LA at the Park Plaza Hotel. Music was amazing, sound was perfect, the crowd was polite. We were right at the front by the DJ booth where it was just elevated enough that he could be seen and low enough that it made the experience more intimate. My favorite part though was dancing my troubles away and seeing my friend also letting go. We let go of pretenses and garbage and we got real with who we were. Live music and just music in general is quite magical. Cleanses you and keeps you grounded - like church. 

Anyway, here are some photos.