sarah and mark

i am so excited about this piece of work we made. i'm that person that some days, we might get a good load of photos that collectively make a complete piece. then there are days where all i needed was one image. 

i have a crush on her. no on him.  actually on the both of them. 

we met up on a warm afternoon, went to dinner after and had a good chat. it's interesting how social media makes us all look a certain way then when we actually meet in person we realize we're all just people. regular people just trying to get by. i'm always so inspired by those who put themselves out there and showcase who they really are.  people who let go of pretenses. 

here's them. here's me.  I also figured i would share this track, i was listening to this the whole time i was editing.  i love house. i love EDM. anyway, here's it.