hey hey,

k first thing, can we all agree that talking about ourselves is awkward af?

k cool, glad we got that out of the way!

so as you can see, my name is Maria but don’t ever call me that. I go by my middle name, Camila, Maria’s just there to make it all sound fancy. You can thank my parents for that. Lol.

I’ve been shooting photos for the past 10 years and I will most likely never stop. There’s something so chic about documenting ordinary life and making it look cool.

I mean, we already know it is but you know what I mean? Or actually, I don’t think we do.

Photography is therapy.

I kid you not, our minds tend to go down the rabbit hole and downsize how cool we really are. The magic of photography is that if done right, it brings out the beauty that is you and your life.

In all seriousness, you may think I’m making this up but just wait until you see your photos and see your energy and next thing you know, you’re there like “wow that’s us…” * heart eyes *

Uh huh, yeah grab the tissues.

That being said, I believe in showing up for life.

For all of the moments.

The ugly ones, the awkward ones, the ones with no make up, the tired days, the messy rooms, or the cool new house.

Because every part is a part of you and that is real. It holds a purpose.

So if you are down with the realness, shoot me an e-mail and we can continue our chat. I’d love to hear from you.



  1. i am obsessed with music. i legit am a freak about selecting the music, making the vibe right, and researching what my next new song is

  2. house music is my main love, airy, electro house although i can also listen to slow indie acoustic music, especially when i’m editing

  3. i love grey’s anatomy, say what you want but Shonda Rhymes has a way of brainwashing me and keep me glued to the show

  4. i am from Bogota, Colombia - very proud, yes i am light skinned and yes i still speak Spanish, yes both of my parents are Colombian

  5. big cities over small towns

  6. obsessed with those modern cabins out in the middle of a forest. you know, those architectural ones that you see on instagram. one day!

  7. mountains over flat places. i NEED mountains

  8. my go to beverage besides water is la croix. it’s like lightly flavored soda without the guilt

  9. one word: feminism

  10. my favorite grocery store is Sprouts. I love to eat healthy, not the greatest cook but your girl makes it work!!